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Blog » Time saving tips when packing up your home

Congratulations! You've sold your house and you get your moving in date.

However, the excitement at finally moving into your new house is replaced with the reality of having to pack up your entire home ready for the move. You look around and wonder if you'll ever get the job done.

Fear not, because we have curated some of the best time saving packing tips from around the web, along with a few of our own earned through experience!

Assign a different color duct tape to each room so the boxes are easier to identify
This tip comes from the excellent Hip2Save blog. Stay organised and speed up the unpacking process by using different coloured duct tape to mark boxes from each room. You'll be able to quickly locate the correct boxes when unpacking.


The easy way to pack your wardrobe
Emily from The Wicker House blog has this great tip: Stuff hanging clothes into bin bags while still on the hangers. This helps to keep clothes together which makes them easier to collect when it's time to hang them in your new wardrobe.


Label all your electrical cables
Apartment Therapy have a great tip: Before you unplug and pack up your electronic devices, label all your cables with some masking tape and write the name of the corresponding device in pen. It'll be a real time saver when setting your TV in your new home.
Bonus tip: Take a photo of the back of your TV and other electronic devices so you have a handy reference of where all the cables went!


Use plastic wrap to save unpacking drawers, and silverware holders
This clever tip comes from Valerie Write Now: Use plastic wrap (or stretch wrap) to cover your silverware holders and small drawers to save unpacking and then repacking the contents.


Pack a clear crate with fist day essentials
This smart tip comes from the excellent Hip2Save blog again. Get yourself a clear crate and fill it with the first day essentials. So for example, you may wish to pack bin bags, scissors, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, toilet rolls, paper tableware and cups, hand soap and washing up liquid. Other items you could pack are tea, coffee, sugar and a few snacks to keep you going!


Here's a few bonus tips we've gained through experience

  • When taking apart furniture, place screws and other hardware into a strong sandwich bag, and tape this to a panel or large piece of the furniture so you won't lose them or become confused as to which screws belong with which furniture.
  • Where possible, wrap drawers and toy boxes with plastic wrap or large bags to prevent the need to pack the items separately.
  • When packing boxes, place books into a small box, or split them between several larger boxes. You'll be surprised how heavy they can be.
  • When packing plates, instead of wrapping each plate in paper, just place a paper plate between them to protect them and then pack them into the box edge down so they are standing up.
  • Use large sandwich bags to keep toiletries and kitchen cleaning items together so they are easier to find when unpacking.

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Thinking of selling?

We are an independent local estate agent with a knowledgable friendly team ready to help.
We never use high pressure sales techniques and tailor our services to suit you.