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Blog » How to make a great first impression when selling your home

With more than 95 per cent of buyers now searching online for a new home, there’s no doubt about it – the first few seconds are essentially make or break. The quality of the photographs will definitely dictate whether a buyer will click on your property and browse the details or simply just scroll past it.

On some photos you will see bright sunny rooms with a minimum of clutter and flowers on the table. Yet other shots could be dark and dingy, with unmade beds, dirty washing in the sink and toys and clothes left lying around. Hardly appealing to a prospective buyer! The fact is that pictures are by far the most important part so it’s well worth having professional photos taken. Our professional photographers use wide-angle lens to give viewers the best impression of properties. A good, clear exterior photo will instantly catch the eye of potential buyers, while dull or dark images will almost certainly be put on the ‘look at later’ list.

Home Staging
Most first time buyers will buy a property for the long term, as a nest for themselves to maybe start a family. These buyers purchase on instinct and emotion. They buy based on the ‘feel’ a property gives them.

With presentation important in the modern market, some vendors are now using presentation tactics to enhance buyer interest, in the form of home staging.
Creating rooms with visible symmetry and warm colours makes a house feel welcome and cosy. Houses with a homely atmosphere tend to sell for more, and sell quicker. Some furniture stores rent items speci cally for home staging.

Think first impressions
What is the first thing people feel when entering your home? Is it light and spacious, or is it dark and cramped. Minimalist themes give the impression of space, while carefully positioning lighting can create a sensation of energy within a home.

Set a mood
People do not tend to remember details as much as they remember emotions. Buyers tend to buy based on ‘gut instinct’, which is nothing more than a peaceful sensation felt by them due to the ambience of the home.

Calm, non-threatening colours work well to create favourable moods in people, as do items of furniture.

Create the illusion of space
Bigger houses sell for more. That’s no secret. This is especially true in bigger cities or high demand areas. Lots of clutter and personal belongings lying around the house can make it feel smaller and more cramped. By reducing personal items to the bare minimum, you’ll be creating an illusion of space that other houses on the market are not. Selling is about gaining edge. The more you can create the appearance of space, the better your odds are of achieving a sale.

Think size
You may be surprised at how many people missed out on selling their home due to minor mistakes in detail. Items of furniture too big for a room can create the opposite illusion to that previously mentioned. Is your sofa, book case or TV stand too big for the room causing it to feel restricted? Smaller items of furniture make a room feel larger and more accessible.

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james_small.jpgJames is the managing director of Regal Park and has been in the Peterborough property industry since 2004.

James is very passionate about what he does and as an independent company James really does care about his customers and will go that extra mile to provide a personal service.

Thinking of selling?

We are an independent local estate agent with a knowledgable friendly team ready to help.
We never use high pressure sales techniques and tailor our services to suit you.