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Blog » How to sell your family home with kids

Selling a home that you still live in can sometimes be challenging but selling a home when you have young children can be harder.

Chasing down stray toys, trying to keep order before and during a viewing to dealing with buyers who wrinkle their noses at your daughter’s bright pink princess themed bedroom or your son’s super hero themed bedroom can be a lot to deal with.

To get the most and best offers, you should present your home as a blank canvas that anyone can imagine themselves living in and not just a home fit for families with young children.

Here’s our advice on how to successfully sell your home.

Stage your home for everyone
This is often repeated advice for anyone looking to sell, and it is repeated often because it has the biggest impact on how your home looks to potential buyers.


This will allow potential buyers to view your home as a place they can move straight into and not have to imagine themselves in your home among all your children’s possessions.

  • If you do not have toy boxes, or sufficient storage for your children’s toys, purchase some and ensure they are as out of sight as possible.
  • Remove children’s artwork from the fridge and walls. Store them in a safe place until after the move.
  • Where possible, store children’s bags and coats out of sight.

Prepare the bedrooms
Children’s bedrooms often have a strong theme or personality suited to your child. You’ll have more success at selling your home if bedrooms have universal appeal. Race car beds, and giant dollhouses are very much loved by our children, but your buyers might have other ideas and have a tough time imagining their boys in a princess themed room.


  • If you’ve used children themed wall paper, or strong colours like bright pink or baby blue, it may be a good idea to redecorate the room with a neutral colour.
  • Try and limit the number of toys and stuffed animals on display during viewings.
  • Remove any custom themed light fittings or switches.

Convert playrooms
If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room or study that you’ve converted into a playroom for your children, do consider converting this room back to a bedroom or study. This allows buyers to imagine the room as their own.

While your buyers may have young children, they may have other uses for the space, such as an office, extra guest room or even a home gym. By presenting it as a useful space will really help buyers connect with your home.


If the room has been well loved by your children, consider giving it a coat of paint to give it a new fresh feel.

Keeping your children happy
Moving home can be a difficult concept for children to understand. It is often better to discuss the move with them and keep them informed at each stage on the way. Ask them what they’d like to see in their new home and get them engaged and excited about moving to a new house.

Allow your children to pick a few favourite toys and books that they will keep with them. Take the time to explain the process and that it is only for a short time. Children are very adaptable and often adjust fairly quickly to significant change.

Make things easy for yourself
Despite our best efforts to arrange viewings on a mutually agreeable date and time, some buyers may want a last minute visit giving you very little time to prepare the house. It can then be a mad scramble to get the kids ready, the house in order and have a quick clean up. Here's a few ideas you can use to minimise last minute madness.

  • Keep a bag packed for your children, filled with spare clothes, snacks and any toys or devices they may need if you choose to drop your kids at a friends or relatives during viewings.
  • Make kitchen cleaning easier if you have a hob by using the oven as much as possible. Trying to polish a hob in a mad rush is a challenge!
  • Have a few empty boxes or crates handy to throw toys into before sliding them out of view.
  • Pick one or two deep cleaning items and do them daily rather than trying to tackle everything at once after your initial clean up and staging.

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Thinking of selling?

We are an independent local estate agent with a knowledgable friendly team ready to help.
We never use high pressure sales techniques and tailor our services to suit you.