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Blog » How to stage your home on a budget

If you are not familiar with the term, staging your home simply means presenting it with a view to attracting the widest range of potential buyers.

You’ve probably seen make over shows where home owners spend a small fortune on interior design, new soft furnishings and sometimes moving all their furniture into storage while renting neutral furniture.

While these techniques may pay dividends, there is a lot you can do on a tight budget to improve the chances of getting that all important offer.

Spruce up the paintwork
The biggest tip we can give to sell your home is to ensure that décor is up to date and neutral. Buyers are typically looking for a home they can move straight into without the need for expensive and extensive decorating.


Painting a few main rooms in neutral tones, while removing any strong wall art can make a huge difference in how potential buyers perceive your home. This will allow buyers to mentally place their furniture in your home.

We all have clutter. It’s unavoidable. The longer you’ve been in a property, the more clutter you usually have. But potential buyers don’t want to see your possessions around your home.


Take the time to have a good tidy up and store personal possessions away in cupboards or loft spaces where possible. This includes things like photos of family members. 

Dress your home like someone is coming to visit
If you have a dining room with a table, dress it like you’re expecting people for a dinner party. Place placemats, dishes and utensils. This simple act allows potential buyers to envision themselves in your home, hosting and enjoying the space.


Use fresh flowers to accentuate darker corners of the rooms. Place fresh fruit in a bowl in the kitchen. These little touches make your house a real home.

Give your home a thorough clean
It’s natural to become comfortable in your home and even though you may vacuum and clean daily, it’s easy to stop being objective and miss things.

It is worth the time to give your house a thorough spring clean. Clean all the dark nooks and crannies and take the time to ensure all ceilings are free from cobwebs, even in hard to see places like behind the tops of curtains.


Check your bathrooms carefully and consider re-grouting tiles if the grout is looking stained. Make sure your bath or shower is spotless and gleaming.

Knowing your home is spotless gives you more confidence when showing your home to potential buyers and it allows those buyers to feel more confident about your home.

Fill your home with light
This is a very simple strategy that can totally change the look and feel of your home. Consider tying back curtains and opening blinds up fully when showing your home. If you have a dark hallway, consider moving or purchasing lamps or light fittings to make it look brighter.


Use softer lamps in living spaces to make it feel bright but cosy. Adding light to your home makes it feel inviting and warm, which is exactly how you want your buyers to feel!

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James is the managing director of Regal Park and has been in the Peterborough property industry since 2004.

James is very passionate about what he does and as an independent company James really does care about his customers and will go that extra mile to provide a personal service.

Thinking of selling?

We are an independent local estate agent with a knowledgable friendly team ready to help.
We never use high pressure sales techniques and tailor our services to suit you.