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Blog » Our best tips to help you sell your home

Making minor changes to your home can transform its appeal to potential buyers. Creating an inviting, clean and clutter free environment will attract viewings and help buyers connect with your home. Find out how these easy updates will help your sale.

Expert house selling ideas from Regal Park's friendly team

1. De-clutter 

From piles of magazines and paperwork to shoes, children's toys and even furniture, it's easy to accumulate clutter. To a buyer, a house full of clutter looks smaller, cramped, dark and lacking in storage options. Now imagine clear surfaces, open floor space, and everything in its place. De-cluttering helps buyers to picture their own things in your home, which is easier when they see bright, spacious, and organised living areas.

From charity shops to car boot sales, eBay, or social media groups, there's lots of great ways to get rid of things you no longer need. Plus, having less clutter will be an advantage when you pack to move to your own new home.

2. De-odorise 

As well as being clutter-free, it's important to make sure your house smells clean and fresh to potential buyers. Pets, cooking, and un-emptied household bins can cause lingering odours, but also avoid using strong fragrances such as incense or scented candles before a viewing. Smell is a personal thing and what is a lovely fragrance to you, might not be to others. Before viewers arrive, make sure your kitchen bin is empty and open the windows for a while to air your house out. A clean-smelling house will help buyers feel relaxed and show your property in the best possible light.

3. Clean all rooms and windows 

A house which looks clean and inviting will create a positive impression in your buyer's mind. Make sure carpets are clean, wash down window sills and frames, and clean marks off walls. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure they are hygienic, clean-smelling and gleaming - even down to the grout of the bathroom tiles and inside the oven! The last thing a buyer wants to do when they move into a new home is to clean it before they can even unpack. An immaculate home looks well looked after and will put your property ahead of the rest.

4. Keep rooms tidy 

Walking into a tidy, presentable house will maximise your property's potential and minimise any distractions for your buyer. Make sure all beds are made, washing up is done and put away, and that there are no piles of washing lying around. Make sure cupboards are tidy inside - storage is a key concern for many buyers and they will open your cupboards! A tidy house is an absolute must, helping to make viewings a pleasant and enjoyable experience for your buyer.

5. Maintain the garden and exterior

Help buyers form a positive opinion of your property even before they knock on the door. Make sure your drive and pathways are clear of weeds and litter, and that your front door is clean and freshly painted. To further increase your property's kerb appeal, invest in some potted plants or hanging baskets. Even if you're not keen gardener, ensure your back garden is neat and tidy by mowing the lawn and cleaning patio furniture. This creates an inviting feel, so buyers can envisage themselves relaxing and entertaining guests outside.

6. Complete outstanding DIY jobs

To show your property to its best advantage, make sure all DIY jobs are completed. Fill in and patch up hairline cracks, stained or chipped paintwork and holes in the walls. Make sure light bulbs are replaced, that all lights work, and fix anything that is damaged. A property that looks well maintained and is ready to move into is more likely to appeal to buyers and to sell quickly.

These simple updates are inexpensive to carry out and will position your home as a desirable property option. Showcasing your home in this way will help buyers to picture themselves living in your house and ensure their viewing is a positive experience from beginning to end - and even after they've left! 

Whatever your property, making these small changes will make a big difference to attracting a buyer and achieving a faster sale at a better price.

If these tips have got you thinking, why not browse through the photos of houses on our property pages for more inspiration?

Our friendly team at Regal Park is always here to help. Whether you need property advice or would like to arrange a free market valuation of your home, call us on 01733 56 65 or click here to send us an email.

Thinking of selling?

We are an independent local estate agent with a knowledgable friendly team ready to help.
We never use high pressure sales techniques and tailor our services to suit you.